Storm Archery

What are the differences between Competition and Apprentice Teams?

We carry two types of teams throughout the season at both the middle and high school levels:

1) Competition - these are the students that will officially be competing on behalf of our schools in either Singles or Triples match format.

In Singles - three of our top Archers are paired up to go head-to-head with the other school's top Archers and shoot 3 arrows per "end." (ie. a round of scoring).
In Triples - 2 teams of three go against their respective competitors from the other school. Each Archer shoots 1 arrow per "end" in rotating order.  

2) Apprentice - these are the students that we encourage to attend each competition to get in practice in shooting and scoring as well as step-up in situations where a Competition member is unable to compete.


Please note that a student's spot on any given team is fluid throughout the season based on their growth and consistency in the areas of: safety, team work, coachability and skills.