Storm Archery

What is a "Mail-In Tournment?"

Each year Olympic Archery in School (OAS) holds a Mail-in Tournament during the fall and spring semesters. Every Archer gets to shoot a total of 36 arrows in a fun, supportive enviroment that is then mailed into OAS for an offical nationwide score! The mail-in is an easy and fun way to introduce archers to competition and is a great way to finish our first semester as a team.

This is also a great opportunity for our students to test their skills against other Archers from across the country. At the end of the tournament, OAS sends out medals to the top 10 archers in each division (boys/girls – HS/MS) and our coaches even participate in the Coaches division too!

The purpose of the mail-in tournament is to provide a competition for newer Archers and a great "welcome back" tune-up for our veteran Archers. For both groups of Archers, it's imperative that they learn to focus on their form rather than results on the target. Therefore all competitors across the country will use the slightly larger middle-school target to reflect this fundamental OAS coaching philosophy.

The Mail-in Tournament is open to all Storm Archers and will take place on Fri, November 30th, 3:45-6pm in the HTeX playground