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Seek not


to follow


in the footsteps


of the men


of old;




what they





~Chinese Proverb .


Better San Diego's EverydayMBA Courses...

The Best Business Expertise is Now at Your Fingertips!


> San Diego Regional Chamber Entrepreneur Training Program


A special offering that we designed specifically for our partnership with the San Diego Regional Chamber for their members only. This is a very unique and specialized business acceleration tool for small business owners. In this 40 hour course, small business owners will tackle their biggest challenges and learn to get the most out of the resources they already have in place as well as finding new no/low cost tools to boost their profits. Includes sections on time management, technology, strategic MarCom and loyal customer acquisition processes.

-This course is on Tuesday evenings starting in January so get in now!


> Business Development Masters Class;

A world-class business acceleration tool for Business Development Professionals!

 Join this 10 week course and ratchet-up your business in real time as you put into action advanced level marketing, sales and networking. You'll also learn many of the finer points of effective business strategy to keep you success going long-term.

-This convenient online/teleclass starts in January so get in now!


> Unleash the Expert;

There is an expert inside of you that is waiting to tell the world how much they need your product/service. Experts sell more than their competitors and customers actually come to them from all over the world; talk about an easy life! This class will give you practical steps to build yourself up as an expert in real time over a period of ten weeks. Say 'Hello!' to a record year of business after you complete this course!

-This convenient online/teleclass starts in January so get in now!

This innovative marketing strategy is included in Business Development Master's Class


> Dignified Sales course;

Business is all about sales... but you shouldn't have to fight with your potential loyal customer. And you really shouldn't look back with regret over how the interaction went. If you want to maintain your dignity and build customer loyalty with a profitable sales process; then this course if what you've been waiting for!

-This course will be offered in classroom or online format starting in January!


> More Time & Money Leadership course;

Anyone telling you that you can instantly have more time and money is a big fat liar. However, if you want a straightforward way to get there in proven and measurable ways, this course is for you! You can have a higher quality of life in ten weeks or less.

-This course will be offered in classroom or online format starting in January!



EverydayMBA is a series of courses, webinars, clinics, gatherings that focus on your practical and innovative business development as well as helping you unlock and apply the best expertise available.  For other helpful information, please visit our 'Resource Center' as well as contacting us with any of your needs, questions or concerns.


We've put together the most cost-effective, innovative business expertise you can find but it's only exponentially worthwhile if you put even just a small piece INTO ACTION... so get started and get better today!

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