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I am different

from Washington;

I have a higher, grander standard

of principle. Washington could

not lie. I can lie,

but I won't


~Mark Twain


Frequently Asked Questions

(and a few we thought you should ask)


1) How will any of this strategic alignment stuff work for me?

To be frank, it doesn't really work for everyone.  That's in fact the core of what we're trying to determine in your assessment and proposal process.  Our process is unique, long-standing and focused on having you dominate your competition in regard to customer loyalty so that you don't ever have price-sensitive customers, can fetch higher rates and get true referral business.  Many organizations are simply not that committed to this level of excellence and would rather have a quick fix instead of a permanent level of improvement.


2) What are your prices?

Right off the bat, if you're a cost-weary worker versus an investment-ready leader, than we're not going to be a good fit.  However, with that being said, we immediately save you money by only specializing in three types of services and every project we put together is fixed in price so there are no surprises along the way.  Obviously, each project is customized based on the amount of expertise needed and number of people from your company involved.  Also, here's a statement on why our prices are so low compared to other professionals of the same quality (and not all of them are).

With the being said, here's a ballpark estimate of services (we don't know anyone else that offers this level of transparency)...

-Business Development Strategy and Planning: Small- $17,000  Midsize- $23,000

-Strategic Planning: Small- $10,000  Midsize- $21,000

-Real-Time Process Improvement: Small- $12,000  Midsize- $40,000

-Native Quality Movement: Small- $20,000  Midsize- $60,000

-Modernization Strategy (including Social Media): Micro-$400/mo, Small-$12,000  Midsize- $30,000

-Executive Leadership Development: $6,000 a person

-Strategic conversations with our founder, Joon S. Han: $375/hour


3) How do I know you're any good?

We don't publish our client list as many of them don't want us to be announced to their competitors.  However, we can furnish you with references upon request towards the end of your proposal process.  To get a better feel for the kind of reputation we have, you can check out our founder's profile on Linkedin here.

What we can tell you is that we are the company that many other service professionals/consultants go to when they want to get their act together at a world-class level.  Also, we're one of the very few process improvement experts that can make drastic improvement in service-delivery types of organizations in addition to the great manufacturing and retail work that you'll be impressed with.


4) How do I get started?

To best serve our current and future clients, we will only generate proposals for those organizations that we determine really want to get up to and stay at a world-class level.  Obviously, you'll need to have the budget as well but we'll be honest and tell you that we've been creative in investment plans to accommodate cash flow needs as well.  If the timing is not good for you right now, please visit our resource center for lots of great information to help you out or you might want to take advantage of our expertise through our highly in-demand, on-demand business improvement course- The Magic Biz Box here.


5) I heard somewhere that you're not taking on new clients anymore?

Well, that's half true... we're proud of the market pull we've created and thus not actively chasing new clients like we used to.  Since we only take on about 9-10 clients a year, we're indeed pretty full for the long haul on existing client relationships, the innovative projects we're always launching and Joon's Give Getter initiatives but with that being said, we still take on the right type of clients (hint- it's not just about the dollar amounts!) from time to time.  Now even though it's rare that we'll pick up a full-blown, new client engagement these days, it doesn't hurt to ask right?  So send us an email and maybe it'll work out for you!


6) How can I get time with Joon S. Han instead of your other specialists?

As mentioned above, Joon's rate for his expert time is $375/hour.  A couple ways to get around this are:

1- Come and chat with him at an event that he is presenting at or attending.  Just dont' stalk him or weird him out, okay?

2- See if he is available one evening and then buy him dinner (he's always a sucker for this...).  If you ask around, a dinner conversation with Joon easily ends up being worth thousands of dollars in strategic counsel, straightforward advice, an educated opinions (as well as usually lasting three hours or so).  Again, it's purely subject to his availability but it's definitely worth a shot for your business.  Just make sure to bring a notebook for what you'll learn!


7) I really like what you can do for our business but can't afford it... is there any way you can help?

Again, you might want to just take The Magic Biz Box course as it's even satisfaction guaranteed.  If you know you want a full-scale engagement, then we do have some financing partners that can help you out.  One of them is even an accounts-receivables based credit that can finance you in the millions if needed (don't worry, it's not the shady kind).  Also, we've worked with clients that formed a class or cohort group to leverage the group pricing structures we have in place (ie. Slightly less one-on-one attention but the benefit of lower cost per organization/individual).


8) So you're basically a consulting company, right?

Not really.  Although our clients will either think of us as their consultant or coach; we're actually a powerful hybrid of the two.  From the consulting world we bring specialized expertise, multi-faceted solutions and intelligent analytics without fostering dependency.  From the coaching standpoint, we inject strong developmental processes and behavioral technology bolstered by specific business metrics and goals.  To understand more of what we do, you might want to read our founder's bio here.


9) Do you work with clients outside of San Diego?

It's definitely our preference to stay regional to further our mission but also to avoid traveling (and the costs associated as much as possible).  We've traveled a bit out of our range to complete significant projects at places like Stanford University or for very close family friends... although they did pay for the associated costs.  Even though a lot of things these days can be done virtual, as a general rule of thumb for us, the work we do requires intentional face time to get it done right the first time and accelerate your business sooner than later.


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