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If in the last few

years you haven't discarded a major opinion or acquired

a new one,

check your pulse.

You may be dead


~ Gelett Burgess


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 Q1 update from Better San Diego


Hello there...I hope this message finds you well and in great health and spirits!


LOOK TO 2011

Well, now that we're in the thick of whatever the prognosticators have been trying to identify (recession, depression, etc), hopefully you've figured out a survival strategy at the very least, if not an outright THRIVE strategy. We are advising clients and non-clients alike to focus on loyalty-building strategies and processes and for small business owners to finally get serious and create a solid exit plan.

 Since we're really looking at 2011 for most regional businesses to feel even close to normal (I'm personally thinking about 4 to 5 years before everything gets close to the way we remember it), make sure you spend this time to really revamp, strengthen and innovate your business' competitive position and ability to delight your customers.

> So ask yourself right now,

"What are we doing right now to stabilize our business for the next few years?"

> Even better yet,

"What are we doing now to grow our competitive edge and market share to dominate when the economy gets better?"


Feel free to pick my brain over lunch or dinner sometime if you need a starting place/another perspective on the above.



"More than a quarter of 1,000 Americans randomly polled by the National Sleep Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes a greater understanding of sleep and health, reported that the economy had disturbed their sleep at least a few nights a week."

With this in mind, please remember to get proper rest and make sure to appreciate all of the little marvelous things that greet us everyday.



See the end of this section below!



Obviously, this recession isn't an ideal time for any of us but I want to make sure to mention the "silver lining" and the key role we all need to play to help get our economy out of this funk. The first bit of good news is that our regional economy is poised to bounce back quicker than most... mostly because we're not overbuilt in terms of housing and our major economic engines in terms of industry are getting stronger as competitors struggle along.

To play my part, I've been working with as many companies as I can to really key in on LOYALTY-BUILDING sales and employee recruiting/retention strategies so that they can exponentially grow their market footprint during these downtimes.

Personally, our family is loading up on depreciated stocks and saving up to buy some more property in a couple years since I think that's when it'll hit bottom. Everyone loves a sale and property will definitely still be on sale in the next 18-24 months. I love getting a 40-50% discount on anything but especially stuff that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Obviously, the downside to our current economy is that business is sluggish. It has affected us greatly as most companies use credit of some kind to procure our services. Since traditional lending is frozen at best, this has been tough for us. But we do have a unique partner that can access credit in the millions for companies based on a different criteria altogether; so that's been a helpful alliance for us to refer clients to. Please let me know if you would like to get in touch with this fantastic and crucial service.


Another thing that we've been recommending to folks is to really take a hard look at their internal processes to eliminate wasted time, money, staff effort and other valuable resources. Just doing this will SAVE your company tens of thousands of dollars a year that you can apply to other efforts to grow your business.

We have a couple services in this area but are also looking for a few good case study companies for our Indigenous Quality Movement process. We're reducing our fees for this service by 70% for the right 3 or 4 companies. Please let us know soon if you want to apply.



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  > We're taking applications for our Indigenous Quality Movement case study




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Hope some of these help you BOOST your business... have an excellent rest of your week!

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